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Check out this Great Video on Creature by The Hodge Twins!

This is a video of Keith and Kevin Hodge from the well known Youtube channel known as twinmuscleworkout. These guys are famous for giving phenomenal advice regarding body building. Check out the video!

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Need a Reason to take Creatine? Celebrities use it! LOOK AT MARKY MARK!

What made Mark Wahlberg famous other than his acting, directing, and rap career was his body. Women loved him and were infatuated by his impressive physique. In order to achieve this physique, Wahlberg had to spend numerous hours a day in the gym and in order to receive the results that he dreamed of, he looked towards creatine to help him out. Many of his current supplements that he endorses have creatine in them. marky markmark-wahlberg-the-fighter

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Creature Ingredient of the Day: Creatine Alpha-ketoglutarate!

Creatine AKG is a phenomenal type of creatine because it brings more nutrients and fluids into your muscles! When you are lifting weights, for example a dumbbell curl, you are tearing the tiny fibers in your bicep, which allow the muscle to repair and as it repairs, it grows! What creatine does it take water and nutrients and stores it in the muscle to speed the recovery time and increase the volume in the muscle. Creatine AKG allows the muscles to take in more nutrients and water which rapidly increases the recovery time and provides faster results!!!

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Is Creatine just for athletes involved in sports?

No! Creatine can be used for any person who is involved in any physical activity. It also means that you don’t have to be a body builder if you want to take it. For example, someone who goes on a daily jog could take creatine for its numerous benefits. My brother, a student at the Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina used Creature Creatine while training in the summer after his daily runs to help his muscles recover so he could train again the next day.

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Creature Ingredient of the Day: Creatine Magnapower!

Creatine Magnapower is a phenomenal type of creatine that increases the water flow in the body, which is an indicator of greater protein synthesis. It also helps strengthen the quick twitch muscle energy, which is needed for power movements in weight training, sprinting, hockey, football, baseball, basketball, etc.Image

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Great Video Talking About Why Creature Rocks!

Check it out!

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Do Professional Athletes take Creatine?

shot putYES! Creatine is viewed as a legal substance in professional sports and is used by the most talented athletes. Athletes like Kobe Bryant, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Mark McGwire. During the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, 80% of the athletes in competitions were reported using creatine. They used it because of how it speeds up the recovery process and how it safely improves their strength after intense workouts.bryant-dunk

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creatine avengers

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How has Creature helped me?

When someone hears the word “basketball”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? LeBron James? Slam dunks? Tall people? I guarantee that you did not think of a 5’5″ white kid from the suburbs. Guarantee. Well here is my story:

Ever since I was six years old, basketball has been my passion. I played everyday, rain or shine. When I entered high school, I was still the smallest player on the team. Smallest out of eighteen on my freshman team, smallest out of 14 on my sophomore JV team, and smallest out of 17 on my junior JV team. Going into my senior year, I learned that I wasn’t getting any taller. I knew that if I wanted to make my varsity team that I would have to change. I began to spend much time with my football friends who put me on a weight lifting routine. At this time, I was 5’5″ and weighed 144lbs.

After lifting for two months, I experienced some nice gains, but not the ones I was looking for. I found that I was not getting enough out of my whey protein supplement, so I decided to do some more research. I was able to find Creature, and my athletic career changed. My bench press increased to 205lbs, my squat increased to 355lbs, and my weight increased to 154lbs. These were the exact results that I was looking for, as it helped me become stronger with attacking the basket, running faster than my teammates, and help my vertical jump (I can now dunk a tennis ball). This product made my senior year. I was on the varsity basketball team and was the shortest player on the team in the last 15 years. It made me the player I wanted to be, and I believe it can do the same to you.

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What is Creature?

Creature is a creatine product created by the Sports Nutrition company known as Beast. This creatine supplement provides athletes with five different types of creatine all blended together in one product. The different types of creatine in this product consist of Vanadium Creatine, which helps transfer glucose into muscles, Creatine Anhydrous, Creatine Alpha-ketoglutarate, which transports more creatine into muscle cells, Creatine Magna-Power, which is a type of creatine molecule that unites creatine with muscle-nourishing magnesium, and Creatine Monohydrate, which helps create more ATP (used for providing energy for muscle contractions). Taking this supplement can help users gain the results that they are looking for because instead of taking a creatine substance that is made out of one type of creatine, this substance gives them 5 different types at a reasonable price.

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